Substance abuse testing


Substance misuse, prescription or illegal drugs or alcohol, can cause serious problems in the workplace for users as well as colleagues, clients/ customers and suppliers.

Misusing substances can increase the risk of absenteeism, presenteeism, low productivity and inappropriate behaviour eg bullying or aggressiveness, or result in drastic changes in normal behaviour.
Regular drug use or prolonged or excessive (binge) drinking can also cause poor decision making, impaired reaction times, poor time keeping and lack of concentration, any of which can cause errors and accidents in the workplace. Obviously, there is a risk of criminal behaviour.
Club de Mar Medical is committed to the maintenance of the safest, healthiest working environments whether on shore or at sea. We have the knowledge and experience to fully support you in managing drug and alcohol testing discreetly and effectively. Beyond the provision of testing and delivery of results, we can advise on policy development and professionally review your Drug and Alcohol Policy in accordance with the current guidelines and ensuring adherence to a robust Chain of Custody compliance.
Our service is convenient and reliable.
Alcohol testing: Guaranteeing accuracy and reliability, we use a regularly calibrated breathalyser similar to those trusted by police services. Our process promotes safer working and delivers precise results quickly. Evidential and non-evidential drug testing: Our comprehensive drug testing services are completed in two timely, cost-effective stages. These can be carried out within a clinic environment and offsite. We can advise of suitable facilities on request.
Stage one: Non-evidential testing. A urine sample is tested in the presence of the donor and the result is available within 5 minutes. This dip-test reveals the presence of any of the substances being tested for: Club de Mar Medical utilises the 10-point substance test which test for amphetamines, cocaine, metamphetamine, marijuana (cannabis), methadone, opiate, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants. Positive samples are packaged using a strict chain of custody procedure and then sent to an approved laboratory for confirmatory testing.
Stage two: Evidential testing (if required). The urine sample is laboratory-tested at UK Workplace Drug Testing cut-off levels. Results will be categorically negative or positive and are legally defensible.
Receiving results Negative Results: A certificate is issued on the day of the test. Telephone or email confirmation can be arranged if requested.
Positive Results: Club de Mar Medical will advise you of non-negative results with an immediate phone call to the nominated medical focal point. This will be followed by a call from a doctor during which you can discuss the result, ask questions and receive advice regarding your options. We will also send you a letter detailing all required results information.