Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Certificate of Medical Fitness (ML5)

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Certificate of Medical Fitness (ML5)


Club de Mar Medical offers ML5 medicals. This medical assessment confirms fitness to work at sea and can only be carried out by General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor.

Who needs it?

  • Those requiring medical certification of fitness to hold BML or RYA endorsement.
  • All applicants who are working on commercially operated boats including passenger boats, either on inland waterways or at sea up to 60 miles from shore
  • Only valid on a vessel less than 24m and less than 200gt

What to Bring?

  • Current (in date) photo ID for example passport or national ID card.
  • Print the digital form below, and complete in capitals.
  • Your old original ML5 certificate and medical (if you have one) or equivelant.

What do it involve?

  • Completion and discussion of the MCA medical health questionnaire.
  • Physical examination including height and weight.
  • Urine testing (to assess how well your kidneys/ body is working).
  • Vision testing (near, distance and colour).
  • Audiometry testing (hearing test).

Your full medical documents including the ML5 certificate will be issued at the end of the appointment. This can ONLY occur if the answers to all questions is “No”. In the event of a “Yes”,the whole assessment including additional medical reports must be sent to the MCA for adjudication by their Medical Assessor. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

COST: 150 Euros +IVA (includes certificate).
When you book your medical, we require a deposit of 50 Euros to secure the appointment. This will be deducted from the cost of your final medical. Non attendance will result in the loss of the deposit.

Print the form, complete in capitals and bring to your appointment