General Practice

Our medical services have developed over years of working with a highly mobile population!

We provide almost all services, typical of a UK General Practice, related to acute and chronic disease management, as well as many areas of prevention and health maintenance.


Club de Mar Medical offers traditional UK GP appointments including those at short notice or out of hours.

We are a private practice and do not accept the European Health Insurance Card. Currently we also cannot accept insurance cards in lieu of payment (but this should change shortly). However, our factura/receipt is accepted by numerous insurance providers worldwide, which enables you to reclaim costs. Appointment length can vary according to your need - usually in 15 minute increments. You will receive the best possible empathetic care including prescription (or medication)/ referral if required. Unfortunately, any necessary tests would be at additional cost but this would be discussed and agreed at consultation.

  • Our factura/receipt is accepted by numerous insurance providers worldwide, which enables you to reclaim costs.
  • Appointment length can vary according to your need - usually in 15 minute increments
  • COST: 15 minutes 75 Euros. 30 minutes 120 Euros.

Minor Surgery

Minor skin blemishes, tags and lumps can be removed at Club de Mar Medical, in the community and outside the hospital!

Our professional services include an appointment, at a mutually convenient time, as well as histopathological confirmation of “what it is”! An appointment is required to discuss outcome requirements and ascertain the likelihood of a successful outcome.

  • COST: Consultation plus procedure (and histopathology).

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing is one of the oldest treatments for wax blocked ear canals. It offers rapid relief for wax induced hearing loss with irritating itch.

Prior to syringing, the hardened ear wax must be softened. To achieve this, we recommend olive oil twice per day for at least 3 days (and preferably 5). Unfortunately for these few days your hearing will reduce further. However, by doing this softening process at syringing hearing should suddenly improve with the removal of wax without ear drum issues. Unfortunately, if at the time of syringing the wax appears dry, it could damage the ear drum and the procedure will be discontinued. The process is usually simple and painless. We use a pulsation process.

  • We use a pulsation process.
  • COST: Consultation plus procedure.

Wart / Verruca Treatment

Warts a viral problems usually on the hands (warts) or feet (verruca’s) but can be anywhere on the body.

There are a number of treatments available for these unsightly and uncomfortable issues. Club de Mar Medical will discuss all and initiate treatment. You will also be advised on the appropriate follow up treatment.

  • COST: Consultation plus procedure.

Repeat Prescription

Club de Mar Medical is happy to repeat current (ie previously prescribed), patient prescriptions for up to 6 months.

However, there must be written evidence (email is acceptable) that the patient is suffering no issues which could be attributed either to the condition or the medication.

If you are on holiday and misplaced or run out of your medication, we are equally willing to help. However, to ensure best practice and make sure local pharmacies can offer the equivalent of your usual medication, a consultation will be required.

  • Current Patient Prescription only service: 30 Euros.
  • Consultation: 60 Euros (including prescription).

Medical Referrals

Club de Mar Medical has a network of close working relationships with local hospitals and specialists.

As we look after the mainly English speaking population, we have cultivated connections with English speaking specialists. Almost all are English first language or fluent/ provide a fluent translator. However, most hospitals we deal with have a number of translators to suit almost any language. Complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options, is vital! You will be referred swiftly to the appropriate Consultant (usually with email confirmation). Referrals include, Specialist input, tests and investigations including MRI/ US etc

  • Consultation: 60 Euros (including referral)

Home / Boat Visits

If you cannot get to our clinic due to illness or injury, we can visit you (if appropriate, as hospital maybe the best solution!) You will receive the best treatment possible outside a clinic.

We endeavour to get to you as soon as possible. However, as visits require our staff to be away from clinic for an extended period, it may take a while to find a reasonable slot (to ensure and prevent booked patients from being disrupted).

  • Visit: A minimum of 300 Euros (plus travel costs).

Health Checks

Regular health assessments are a key way to ensure continued health and prevent future issues.

Additionally, they provide peace of mind. Our broad based health checks always include a thorough questionnaire and 30 minute consultation with examination. Advice, further investigation or the need for onward referral depends upon any issues raised.

  • Visit: A minimum of 200 Euros (plus investigation costs if required).

Digital Medicine Consultation

This can include SKYPE, email advice or telephone consultations.

Not all issues can be effectively treated in this manner, but very many can be helped – especially when the patient and clinician are at a distance or when examination is not required.
Please call us first to secure a time slot and upon discussion a price will be agreed

  • Club de Mar Medical offers this consultation form mainly out of hours.